The city of La Serena , is without a doubt one of the most important cities of the country. This because not only it is the capital of a region, of the fourth region, the region of Coquimbo, but because is a tourist center, in where every year thousands arrive from national visitors and foreigner to spend pleasant vacations in one of beaches more pleasant than has the country.



The growth and the importance that the La Serena has had, are gigantic, this, because the tourism has demanded it. To had to be able to support to the achieved success every summer. The popularity of this city every year increases more. Every year they appear more people interested in knowing this city.



Without a doubt that the greater attractions than it has the La Serena has to do with the tourist scope, in fact, it is reason why it is known him more. But within the things that it has, it is perhaps that it has proximity with one of the places that one of the greater visits has. They are historical towns that make references to landmarks. The Valley of the Elqui, is a zone, of towns, that are to one hour of the capital of the fourth region. It is the zone in where the pisco takes place. National spirit, that is drunk in great amounts. But not only that is the important thing, but that the beauty of the place. Surrounded by hills, there is rivers and vegetation that embellish the landscape.



The La Serena, in addition, stands out, being one of the few cities of the country in counting on casino. If there is to enlarge it, is necessary to say that Santiago does not count on one. Generally, the cities that have a creation or tourist use, mainly most important and than receive foreigners, must count on one. The casino, means an extra. It means that million and million enter the city. In addition it means one more activity to a city than every summer must be prepared to receive thousands of people.



In the La Serena, great properties exist. In addition to properties which they also belong to real estate, that many are sold and rented to people whom often they love to live in her, but, buy them to have a rest place the week ends or vacation.



The real estate of La Serena, go from different points. There are some are in the coastal sector. In the well-known Avenue Of the Sea It is the street that follows the beach. Perhaps the most popular street of the city, and in which, the people who are tourist, they want to buy in her, or but to rent. For the simple reason, that one crosses the street and is in the beach.



But the people of this city, are the one that comes in the summer by the tourism. The La Serena is a city like all those of the country. That it has its on-speed operation, that obvious is altered in summer, but during the year, follows equal. The people who live in this city, have the custom of not doing it in the zone near the beach. Many live remote on it. In the centric zone but of the city. In where are the commercial centers, the cinemas and the economic activities of the city.



The La Serena, is a city that has a high commercial activity. A commercial activity that this given because it has a high amount of inhabitants who move in different economic fields. They worry about the construction of properties. to make constructions able to resist to the amount of people who live in the city and to the people whom every summer visits.



The properties of real estate of the La Serena, have a special preoccupation. This occurs because it must cover an enormous amount with population that this constantly crossing the city. The population in Chile increases, and in this city it is not the exception. In addition that many people are transferred to live in Santiago to live in this city in search of better economic expectations. to have an opportunity that in the city in which they were before was nonexistent



The city of the La Serena, has an advantage that does not have many bath of the country. First it has a location, that means heat. Less rains. Second, is to 460 km of Santiago , a trip in car of four hours and airplane of a little less than one hour. Very short distance, to be in a place that is completely different from the capital. A calm place, that people live with more calm. In where a pure and pleasant air is breathed but.



Another reason, by which many people travel constantly to the La Serena, mainly those whom they live in the environs, is by the casino. Known it is that the people fall with facility in them vice. The bets and the games are one of them. In addition aside from giving the possibility of gaining silver you amuse yourself. The casino of Peñuelas, that is the name, is concurred by people of the environs of this city. Coquimbo, is a city that is beaten, and many people travel until the Night love song to play. Others, that are in places a little more distant, as Las Tacas, Tongoy or Puerto Velero, also do it



real estate la serena

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